Meet the Gang

Beacons Gang Show is run be a dedicated team of adults who ensure that every show runs smoothly.


All our actors are made up from Scouts (Aged 8 to 18). If you would like to join us, book for the 2019 show.

Director – Rachael T

Rachael has been involved with amateur dramatic groups since she was young and has been in Scouting since she was a Scout.

She is currently a Assistant Cub Leader with 1st Howden Scouts.

The director is responsible for making sure the show is fantastic. They will approve the script and then choose the cast of actors and guide them through the reshersals to help bring their vision to life.

They are incharge of most of the adults you will see at the Gang Show, although they will have assistance and advice, their word is final.

Producer – Tom T

Tom was driving force in setting up Beacons Gang Show and has been involved in every show since it began. He has been in Scouting since he was a Beaver and his parents met through Gang Shows in London.

The producer is the person who is responsible for the financal side of the performance, they talk to the Director to ensure that their is the money to bring to life the directors vision.

Technical Director – Tom T

The technical director works with the director to ensure that all the technical aspects of the show help realise the Directors vision. They will work with a team to get the lighting, sound and any special effects are perfect and safe.

Gang Show Scout Leader – Amy F

Amy works as a teaching assistant in a school with students with additional needs. She is fantastic with listening to young people and giving them the advice that they need.

The Gang Show Scout Leader is an important role for our Gang Show as they look after the Scouting/Guiding aspect of the show, i.e. all the non-artisitc aspects. They make sure all the relevent rules are being followed and are the person to contact about any personal issues such as absence.

They are there as well to ensure that all the young people have someone to talk to if they need it.

Join Us

We are always looking for new adults to join the Gang.

If you are interested please get in touch through our contact page.

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