Gang Show in a Weekend FAQ

What will I do?

As a performer, you will be on stage singing and dancing as well as performing a sketch or two. Don’t worry if you can’t sing or dance, we will help you to look your best on stage and we can ensure that you are in the best role for you.

As technical crew, you will be a jack of all trades for the weekend, over the weekend you will be part of the team responsible for taking photos, posting to our social media accounts, updating our website as well as;

  • Designing the program
  • Designing and running the stage lights
  • Creating and finding sound effects
  • Running the sound during the performance

As backstage crew, you will work with our director and stage manager to ensure that props and scenery are in the right place at the right time. You may also be asked to help ensure that the performers are ready in the right costumes and ready to be onstage for their part.

Will I be rehearsing all weekend?

No, we have a programme that allows for plenty of downtime. There is a park in the grounds of the Village Hall so you will have the chance to go there (make sure you bring a coat).

What’s the theme?

Our theme for 2020 is Royal-Tea

When do I get the script?

You will get the full script on the Friday night! We will send out some lyrics to songs beforehand so you can brush up on the songs we plan to sing.

I can’t sing?

It doesn’t matter! Those who want solos may have the chance to sing a solo but if you don’t want to we won’t make you. All we ask is you come and do your best.

Do I need my own costumes?

No, we will ensure that you have everything that you need, except some casual clothes and your uniform. If there is something that you need that we can’t provide we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know.

I have never done … before does it matter?

No, whether you are performing or want to dabble in technical roles we can teach you what you need for the weekend. If you are interested come along to see if you like it.

Where will we sleep?

Eastrington Village Hall is a large hall with a number of side rooms so there is plenty of place to sleep there. By the time it is bedtime we will be tired and so sleeping will be on the agenda!

I don’t like sleepovers, can I still come?

Of course. The weekend is planned so you stay but if you really don’t want to then you can go overnight. Pickup on the night will be 21:30 – 22:00 and drop off in the morning will need to be not later than 08:00.

Do I need to bring a leader?

No, the Gang Show team cover all the minimum numbers, we work on 1 to 8 plus the leader in charge as we have Cubs involved. If your leader wants to get involved, please get them to email [email protected]

Even if your leader doesn’t want to come for the weekend, we suggest that you try to convince them to come to the performance.

What will we eat?

It will depend on who is doing the cooking but as a rough guide;

  • Friday Night – Hot Dog
  • Saturday Breakfast – Cereal and Full English
  • Saturday Lunch – Sandwiches (variety of fillings)
  • Saturday Tea – Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • Sunday Breakfast – Cereal and pancakes
  • Sunday Lunch – Pizza

If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know ASAP.

What do I need to bring?

Our kit list is on our website: 

Plimsolls or Trainers

The kit list says plimsolls for those on stage. We ask for plimsolls as it makes us look more unified on stage, if you don’t have any plimsolls, all black trainers are acceptable.

Permission Form

The permission form is very important, you will not be allowed to stay without it. It can be downloaded from here. We will have a limited number of  copies printed at the Village Hall just in case you forget it but we would prefer if you can bring one along.

Can anyone come to see it?

Yes, the more people that come to see it the better. While we have a limited number of seats on sale (143), if we sell them all we can squeeze a few more in. Tickets are £1.50 and are available at

Can I get a bulk discount?

We do not offer any bulk discount on the performers, technical crew or adult tickets for the weekend. If you would like to book a large number (10+) of tickets for the performance please contact the team and we will be able to offer a discount but this must be done via the team and not online.

How do I book?

It’s great that you want to book. Our bookings are managed on Eventbrite. To book a ticket for anything (performer, technical, backstage, adults or the performance its self) visit our website

How many people will there be?

We currently have a limit of;

  • 35 young people performing
  • 3 young people in technical roles
  • 3 young people in backstage roles

If we reach these limits, we will look into providing additional spaces if appropriate. There will be an appropriate number of adults to cover 1 adult to 8 young people plus the leader in charge overnight and there will be more adults supporting during the day.

Why The limits?

There are a few reasons that we have set the limits;

  • We need to ensure that there are enough adults to maintain appropriate levels of safety and safeguarding
  • We need to ensure that there is enough space in the venue, both on and off stage as well as facilities for cooking for everyone
  • We want to make sure everyone gets a suitable part
    We don’t want to have to give out non-speaking parts, unless that’s what you want

My friend is a Guide can she come?

Unfortunately not this year. Due to some of the rules in Guiding we are unable to allow Guides to join us this year, we are looking into this for future years. This might be a chance for you to see if she wants to join Scouts though.

Can Beavers get involved?

Unfortunately not, after long discussions we do not feel that this event is appropriate for Beavers. We are looking to integrate Beavers into our full shows, but due to the nature of the Gang Show in a Weekend, we feel it is too much for them.

Will there be a video?

Unfortunately not of the full show, however we will have snippets that we will publish after the performance.

We are looking into professional recordings of future years.

Can I see last year’s show?

Yes, visit our website to see photos and video from last year’s show.

I have a disability or additional need, does this

We know that there is a massive range of disabilities / additional needs and we will try to work with anyone that wants to take part so if you do have a disability that you think might affect the role you want to take, please contact the team [email protected]


Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access to the stage so you cannot be a performer or backstage crew. However, there is wheelchair access to the hall along with a disabled toilet so we can accommodate you in a technical role.

Can I buy any merchandise?

Yes you can buy a Gang Show Woggle (performers and tech crew get one on their first time with us). There will also be a programme available to be bought during the performance, this is one of the tech crews jobs to produce the programme over the weekend.

I have seen some Gang Shows wearing a red necker, will I get one of those?

Not this year. The Red necker is for nationally recognised Scout Shows, we are currently looking into this process, so may be in the near future.

Are you part of Blacktoft Beacons Scouting District?

Whilst we are based in the middle of Blacktoft Beacon Scout District, we are separately run. The event, bookings and management is run by the Beacons Gang Show core team. If you have any questions for the team please ensure that you send them to the Beacons Gang Show team.

We have financial backing from 1st Howden Scouts (St. Peters) who underwrite our activities just in case we don’t break even.

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