Gang Show in a Weekend 2022

#BGS202 will be held at Eastrington Village Hall on the 30th September to 2nd October. A Gang Show in a Weekend is a fabulous way to spend a weekend and get a taste of what it is like to be on stage without having to commit to lots of rehearsals.

Kit List

The kit list for the weekend is available on our website: Kit List

2022 Song List

While we won’t give out the script before the 20th March, we do like to have the song list available so you have a chance to listen and possibly learn some of the lyrics before hand;

  • Queen – We Will Rock you
  • ABBA – Dancing Queen
  • Reach – Sclub 7
  • Count on me – Bruno Mars
  • Don’t stop me now – Queen
  • Ralph Reader – Riding along on the Crest of a Wave

Last updated: 26/02/2021

Changes from 2019

We have decided to make the following changes from our 2019 Gang Show in a Weekend. If your child attended this it is worth checking this to see what is different:

  • We will have a dedicated adult whos job it will be is to provide any support to the young people that they may need, this includes medication, home sickness, dealing with stress of the performance etc.
  • We are changing the way we rehearse to ensure that we do not have long periods of rehearsing a specific element of the show.
  • We will have more separate sleeping arrangements for the younger and the older cast and crew members allowing for the older cast and crew to have a later bed time than the younger ones.
  • We will have a onsite cook rather than someone coming in to allow for earlier meal times. We are also going to change the menu to allow for more appropriate meal times.
  • We have recruited another adult into the main team to help with the running of the show
  • We are looking at more adult support
  • We are putting into place a better front of house system ensuring reserved seats are reserved
  • To encourage group leaders to come and see the show for every section involved we will give 5 free tickets to that section for their leaders along with information on how to book for the group to come and see the show.
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