Gang Show Numbers

At Beacons Gang Show we use numbers to help identify people quickly and easily, it is far quicker to read out or write a list of numbers rather than a list of names. Numbers also make it a lot easier to name costumes and props. Finally the numbers also help to identify what your role is within the Gang Show.

Numbers 1 – 100 Adults as part of the production team
Numbers 101 – 110 Adults on stage
Numbers 111 – 249 Young people on stage
Numbers 250- 299 Young people as part of the production team

If you have been involded in the last years show, you will keep the number that you had in the previous years show. If for any reason you are not in a show your number will be given to someone else. There are some exceptions to this rule and the is to anyone who is deamed to have made signifficant contribution to the show;

Life Long Numbers

The following people have been given a number for life for their contributions. We would love to expand the list so if you would like to get involved please visit our join page.

1 – Tom Turner

Tom was the person who started the Gang Show back in 2013 and Produced, Directed and Stage Managed the show in 2013. Since then he has been involved in reviving the show.

2 – Rachael Palmer

Rachael was integral to the effort to revive the BGS in 2018 and has helped to get the 2019 show running by offering to direct the show.

3 – Amy Fairclough

Amy was also integral to the effort to revive the BGS in 2018 and has stepped up in 2019 taking on more responsiblility for the show.

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